Even the regular removal of tartar and plaque, in addition to daily dental care, usually helps many people to achieve a radiantly beautiful smile. In other cases, such as loss, damage or destruction of teeth, we can be extraordinarily helpful. Smaller damages such as caries lesions, broken corners, chipping, as well as small cracks or the like can be restored in an optically inconspicuous, substance-preserving and highly aesthetic way thanks to advanced materials such as ceramics and composites. In the case of more extensive tooth damage, your dentist will have full crowns, partial crowns or inlays made for you with high-quality ceramic materials that are precisely matched to the colour of your teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry also includes the so-called bleaching (whitening) of the teeth, as these darken with increasing age due to environmental influences and the regular consumption of tobacco or other stimulants. Our modern treatment methods allow you to gently whiten your teeth to a shade of white that suits you personally, without harming your teeth. In addition to access to highly competent dental staff, we offer you a modern and comprehensive range of high-quality and expertly performed aesthetic dental treatments.

Veneers are extremely thin veneers made of high-quality ceramics, which are applied individually to your front teeth during aesthetic dental reconstruction or beautification. The purpose of the application is the greatly improved optical impression of the treated teeth. For example, in the case of slight gaps between them, severe discolouration/stains, teeth that are too small/short, minor misalignments, cracks or similar. Each veneer must therefore be individually made on the basis of your dental impression and is then attached to the teeth with special, biocompatible adhesive. Teeth that have been professionally lined with veneers are almost indistinguishable from natural tooth material and represent a permanently functional, high-quality and very durable dental covering. Veneers last about ten years with good care and are our most advanced product in terms of aesthetics, appearance, care, longevity and preservation. The high-quality veneers offer the user many practical advantages, are of a permanently tooth-like colour and are harmless to health. Plaque or other deposits do not adhere to the ceramic surface. Discolouration is also impossible.