If plaque is not removed regularly, serious gingivitis can easily develop. Faint, recurring bleeding gums are a recognisable symptom of this. Even if you clean your teeth thoroughly with a quality toothbrush several times a day, you will only reach about 70% of the tooth surfaces. Particularly at risk are the interdental spaces, including gum pockets, where bacteria and food debris accumulate, inaccessible to toothbrushes. A professional teeth cleaning and prophylaxis treatment in the practice begins with the gentle, complete removal of tartar and the above-mentioned, so-called soft plaque. The dentist then corrects possible discolouration of the tooth enamel, which usually occurs due to the moderate consumption of red wine, coffee, tea or tobacco products. The polishing of the tooth surfaces completes a normal preventive treatment. Caries and periodontitis pose an extraordinary threat to the health of your teeth. Regular, professional prophylaxis consistently reduces the bacteria that settle in the oral cavity and thus significantly improves your general oral health as well as the stability of the entire periodontium.

Daily dental care as well as a competent, half-yearly preventive treatment (can vary individually) and consultation, prevent the development of serious dental diseases, maintain your smile, health and self-confidence. Each of us knows and appreciates the feeling of professionally cleaned, beautifully smooth and polished teeth. Do not hesitate! Arrange a prophylaxis treatment with us. We are waiting for you.