The purpose of a comprehensive root canal treatment is next to quitting your toothache quickly, the best possible preservation of your teeth for a long time, and sometimes even the rescue of them. During a root canal treatment, it is first, beyond doubt established, where the exact causes of your pain be recumbent. If the nerve of a tooth is inflamed or even dead, your dentist will clean the affected root canal for several times. By introducing subsequently an antibacterial drug the root canal becomes sterilized.

Our in-house CEREC system is available for all subsequent eventualities, including the manufacture of high-quality dentures or further treatments. Please let us advise you. We're here to help

After the treatment, inflammation and pain usually subside quickly. The dental treatment ends with a dense filling of the previously treated tooth cavity. An impermeable seal is then inserted into the opening. From a medical point of view doctors often recommend then the attaching of a crown or partial crown. Due to the weakening of the hollowed-out tooth, shall these guarantee the necessary stability.