Children's dental treatment

The emergence of "dental holes" must be medically checked regularly from the first tooth on. The most important aspect in children's dentistry, is beside the oral hygiene, an early detection of the even smallest irregularities. Our friendly and empathetic doctors will treat you with great professional experience. Dr. Schnepper had has been for two years the director of the dental clinic school in Schaffhausen and is very well skilled dealing with children. He examines the teeth of little and young patients through playful, gently calming and anxiety-relieving medical treatments.

Through regular dental check-ups even the smallest undesirable developments, misaligned teeth or signs of these can be early recognized and corrected. Should orthodontic measures be necessary can these, appropriate of age, be accomplished by us. You don't even have to leave the practice for this. Fortunately, the orthodontic assessment of your children, as well as a detailed advice on the topic, inclusively the interdisciplinary involvement of a trained and friendly orthodontist is possible at any time.

Children cannot be reached according to fixed patterns, but through honesty only, eternal patience and sympathy. We will ensure, that your child feels comfortable with us in a pleasant, safe and free of stress environment. So, it likes to keep, without any fear, the next appointment. Regular check-ups, swift therapy and reliable, individual dental care are the keys to health, beauty, function and longevity of your teeth. That includes the dental health of your children as well. The teaching of a proper oral hygiene at home for our youngest patients and a detailed, dental elucidation (of course also on topics such as child-friendly nutrition, prophylaxis, fluoride, dental floss, etc.) including comprehensive advice to parents is part of our usual service.