Dental Check-ups

During a non-binding informal conversation, we can get to know each other without any pressure of time. Then after a detailed examination of your teeth, you will be informed about the detected findings which includes the possible procedures in your individual case. All types of treatments and objectives will be of course extensively presented to you, understandable explained and decided in complete mutual accordance.

The purpose of a regular dental check-up is not limited to determining the health of the gums and teeth. Every dentist also examines the exact function of the masticatory muscles as well as your temporomandibular joints.

The health of the oral mucosa and tongue, including their normal shape, condition, and appropriate colour, will also be carefully examined. Existing dentures, fillings or crowns should be checked periodically for stability. Periodically repeated dental check-ups are almost exclusively aimed to detect possible problems at an early stage. This enables your dentist to a quick and relatively uncomplicated therapy. During a dental check-up, every subsequent step in treatment will be precisely explained to you. Additionally you will receive an accurate dental diagnosis, which includes also the possible duration of the procedure.