The prosthetic area of expertise mainly includes the individual supply of all patients, with suitable dentures. The planning, modelling, manufacturing and personal adaptation of the dental prostheses are also substantial components of the prosthetics. This includes as well the professional periodic care of the prosthesis, necessary repairs and maintenance measures. From the manufacture of individual crowns and dental bridges until the replacement of extensive tooth loss or of all teeth, modern processes and techniques offer comprehensive solutions for almost any dental problem.

It is to us, as your dentists, professional standard and commitment to offer long-lasting, harmless to health and really reliable solutions. These should provide you long-term pleasure, looking functional and absolutely aesthetic. Please arrange an appointment with us, we will let you smile again.

If only a few teeth are lost fixed dentures are very suitable especially because of their high stability. Those can be among others, individual crowns or bridges. In case of crowns, veneers and inlays / onlays, international dentists will now almost exclusively recommend all-ceramic dentures. This particular material offers to patients and treating specialists amazing comfort, high quality while in use and presents a real aesthetic alternative. High quality ceramic products, appropriate care provided, are hardly to distinguish from natural teeth. Modern ceramic dentures are free of metal but highly resilient and therefore also appropriate to allergic people. In the mouth itself ceramic feels more pleasant and natural than metal or other composites. Another significant benefit lies in the low conductivity of the material. Another significant benefit lies in the low conductivity of the material, which makes the underlying tooth stumps less sensitive to extreme cold or heat. Ceramic is currently also the most elegant solution worldwide. Removable, partial or complete dentures are made in the event of massive tooth loss or complete tooth-lessness. These can be independently removed by the user, which among other aspects makes a very effective cleaning, including the necessary oral hygiene possible. The individual choice of the needed dentures depends usually on facts about the dental situation and practicability, as well as on costs including aesthetics and wearing comfort.