Periodontal disease

The cause of periodontal disease is usually incorrect dental care or genetic determination, which leads to tartar and soft plaque. Inflammation of the gums occurs in all age groups, but affect mainly people from approx. 45 years of age, as well as patients suffering from metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Periodontitis seriously damages the general health of the human organism. Persistent inflammation of the gums puts a considerable strain on our immune system, which makes it more susceptible to all kinds of pathogens. Numerous dental studies were accomplished in which the evident connection between periodontitis and a multitude of different diseases, such as type two diabetes, rheumatism and other joint diseases, increased risk of stroke, coronary vasoconstriction and inadequate blood values could be scientifically demonstrated. If the inflammation is left untreated, it will lead ultimately to the gradual reduction of the bone part of our teeth and leaves some very difficult to clean, deep gum pockets behind. Immediately afterwards it comes to misaligned and loose teeth, sometimes to pain. The bone loss can hardly be stopped and if the treatment not continuous, it will result in the loss of all affected teeth.

Human gums are healthy only when they are of a pale pink colour and tightly encompass all teeth in a uniform manner. The aim of any periodontal disease treatment is at first the interruption and subsequent elimination of the inflammation itself, including their causes.

Periodontitis is a common and widespread disease. Only by recognizing it at an early stage, followed by a prompt treatment and through extensive dental care, periodontitis can be prevented effectively. As treating dentists, it is our sincere desire as well as professional duty to preserve for as long as possible your teeth in the best conditions. Please have tartar and soft plaque on a regular basis removed completely. Prophylaxis, excellent dental care and frequent visits to your dentist are the keys to healthy, solid teeth and gums, including a beautiful smile. We treat you according to the latest dental knowledge and oriented exclusively in your health, the medical functionality as well as your individual preferences.