Practicing a good oral hygiene, high-quality implants will function until the end of the user's life. Depending on the individual scope of treatment, as well as your personal wishes, implants are performed under local anaesthesia and sometimes, in rare cases, under general anaesthesia. The lower part of the implant is modelled like a tooth-root screw. Only these the dentist anchors in the jaw. The upper part of the implant carries after the final healing the visible, actual denture, so resistant as the natural tooth has been before. In general, the procedure no requires admittance to a hospital and is a safe, often proven and very tolerated treatment method. The treatment takes place in a sterile environment and requires between 20 minutes and two hours of time depending on the difficulty and extent of the problem). After the healing process has been completed the dentures are carefully screwed onto the artificial tooth roots. These are usually dental bridges, crowns or if necessary, a fastening element for removable or fixed dental prostheses. The visible tooth crown is optically not to distinguish from a natural tooth, the colour is exactly matched to that of the other teeth. Implants are the longest lasting and most reliable solution to a lot of dental problems.