Modern equipment

For a successful, almost painless and functional treatment, the accuracy, professionalism and experience of your dentist is without any doubt the most important part. In addition to this Facts are dental treatment methods today supported by modern computer-aided systems, which will reduce the patient’s treatment time significantly.

The temperature in all our praxis rooms, including the waiting area, is for your comfort pleasantly regulated. Please get an idea of our premises on your own, including a close look at the technological and technical equipment of the practice. We are looking forward to your visit.

Modern digital computer technology will be used in our facility to analyse and implement a quick and precise solution for your dental problems. These are illustrated by digital photography, different scans or 3D models and thus made visually accessible to you. The necessary treatment approaches are determined subsequently and explained in detail. By using CEREC, aesthetically and functionally extremely high-quality dentures can quickly, sometimes in a single session only, precisely adapted and provided to you. All of this without the manufacturing of an imprint or the use of a temporarily, possibly disturbing dental provisional. If necessary, there is a modern (low dose) 3D X-ray system in function for our patients, which enables us technically mature, absolutely precise representations of all examined areas.